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Excursions and Tours from Vieste in the Gargano

Close to the Bikini Hotel:

- The Castle: medieval at Vieste constructed around 1240 by Federico II of Svevia;

- The Cathedral: Built in Romano-Puglian style, circa 11th century. Inside are important frescos such as the “Madonna of the Rosary”, the “Trinity” and the “Madonna with Baby”;

- La Salata" Archaealogical Nature Reserve" (Managed by WWF);

- The amazing Architello San Felice;

- The famous Trabucchi;

- The splendid "Pizzomunno" with its Stacks";

- The undescribable beauties of the sea caves and bays.

Around about...

What to see at the Isole Tremiti:
The islands of San Domino, San Nicola and Caprara and their crystal clear waters, the Abbey of Santa Maria a Mare, Badia Fort, Tomb of Diomede.

What to see at Peschici: (a 20 km da Vieste)
L'Abbazia di S. Maria di Calena, Il castello, il meraviglioso centro storico, il grottone di Manaccora, le grotte e le baie come Baia dei Trabucchi, Baia di Manacore, La selvaggia Baia di Zaiana;

Cosa Visitare a Rodi Garganico: (20 km from Vieste)
The Abbey of S. Maria di Calena, the castle, the amazing historic center, the big cave at Manaccora, sea caves and bays such as Baia dei Trabucchi, Baia di Manacore and the wild Baia di Zaiana;

What to see at Mattinata: (33 km from Vieste)
The archaealogical park at Monte Saraceno, The Abbey of the Trinity, the fabulous sea and the charechteristic town of white houses that face the sea;

What to see at Monte Sant'Angelo: (52 km from Vieste)
The Santuario di San Michele, the ancient and characteristic "Junno" quarter, the castle, the Tomb of Rotari, the abbey of Santa Maria di Pulsano, Eremi di Pulsano;

What to see at San Giovanni Rotondo: (76 km from Vieste)
The Santuario di Santa Maria delle Grazie, the Monastero della Resurezione, the Convento dei Cappuccini where you can see the tomb of Padre Pio.

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